Bank Governance

Recognizing that governance of banks and financial institutions has multiple dimensions significantly more complex than governance in non-financial organizations, Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) in collaboration with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Hikmah Consulting (Pvt.) Limited has launched the Bank Governance Program for Directors and Senior Managers after successfully running the Board Development Series (BDS) and Corporate Governance Leadership Skills (CGLS) director education and certification programs since 2007.

To team delivering  the program consists of high quality experts that bring together experience, insights and in-depth understanding across the full range of financial services. It includes senior local bankers, regulators, members of boards as well as internationally recognized experts from major overseas markets that have also undergone a Training of Trainers arranged by PICG.

We believe this course is very timely given the issues facing our banking system today and we are confident that it will position Directors to address effectively the challenges that are and will continue to come before them.

For Further Details Please Contact

Noman Ahmed (Ext. 22)

Usama Sajid (Ext. 15)