Director Orientation Workshop (DOW)

Good Corporate Governance is a balance of power between Shareholders, Directors and Managers. It is about making corporate leadership more accountable to shareholders while recognizing that other stakeholders also contribute to the long-term success of the organization. Corporate Governance is no longer a local or a national issue for directors and businesses. Shareholders all over the world are exerting a greater level of scrutiny over corporate leadership and its performance. Complex legislations have been introduced in the developed countries, compliance with which is increasingly being made mandatory for businesses. To assist the corporate leadership of Pakistan in responding to these challenges, and to ensure continuous professional development at the highest corporate level, Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) has introduced “Directors Orientation Workshop” (DOW). It is a flexible and customized training program for individual companies which will be delivered by PICG faculty at the company premises.

Program Rationale:
To enhance the understanding of the board members about Corporate Governance in general, and about their role, authority and fiduciary duties as board members or as part of the senior management team.

Program Outline:
The content listed below will be covered in the workshop:
 Corporate Governance
 The Business Case for Corporate Governance
 Rationale of Good Corporate Governance
 Corporate Governance Improvement Planning
 Defining and Understanding the Board’s Role and Authority
 Separation of Authorities between Board and Management
 Conducting Board Evaluation
 The Shareholders and Stakeholders

 Fulfills criteria of ‘Board Orientation and Learning’ issued in Public Sector Companies Rules 2013
 Saving of directors’ precious travel time to and from the training location
 Can be conducted in all the major cities in Pakistan
 PICG faculty bring years of practical experience and unique perspectives
 Opportunity to complete SECP mandated Directors’ Training in reduced cost


One half day or one full day depending on the company requirements with a minimum of 10 persons
(held within company premises)
Who Should Attend?
 Board Chairman (highly desirable)
 Board Members (both established as well as newly appointed directors) including the CEO
 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
 Company Secretaries
 Potential Directors and Senior Management

For Further Details Please Contact

Farhan Tariq

Najia Ansari 

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