Mr. Faheem Sardar

Mr. Faheem SardarFaculty Member

Faheem Sardar is the MD of TANGENT ® which is a finance and economics think tank & corporate affairs and governance advisor, whose ideology is to strengthen results and governance.

Faheem Sardar was the CEO of Askari Securities Ltd for 9 years. He was responsible for its restructuring in 2010 and its new dynamics. He has worked extensively in the capital market ranging from regulating, to forensics, to business development. Prior to this, he was the GM & Chief Operating Officer of the Lahore Stock Exchange. He has also worked with Saudi Pak Investment Co Ltd (in Corporate Finance), and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (in Stock Market Surveillance). He is a trainer of corporate governance and is on the faculty of the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance. He is also involved in SECP’s investor education initiative.

He is the author of the books “The New Finance Construct”, “Mind Conquest” and “CEO at 34” and various articles on the capital market, the economy and societal aspects. His books are also part of the National Library Collection of Pakistan and the National Book Foundation. He has read from his books at the National Book Foundation Book Day in April 2016, 2017 and 2018. His books are now becoming part of curricula in various universities. He has been engaged with universities in teaching advanced finance and managerial concepts through courses, discussions, seminars and mentoring sessions. He currently appears on TV programs to discuss economics, markets, political economy and societal aspects. He has travelled extensively internationally and speaks German in addition to English and Urdu.