Tariq Ikram​

Tariq IkramFaculty Member

Mr. Tariq Ikram has a rich academic background, ranging from International Relations and Business Management to Sciences, English literature, and British and American Histories. His professional training and experience covers almost every aspect of business management, making his achievements and contributions too many to count.

Work And Experience

He has served as Chief Executive, Chairman, and Regional Head of multinational companies (MNCs) in Pakistan and the Middle East, South Asia, Levant, and North Africa. During his time as Chief Executive the companies achieved a compound growth of 20.75% per annum in revenue and cash over a 17 year period. He also served as a Federal Minister of State in the government of Pakistan from 2000-08, during which he founded the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. While he served as the CE of TDAP, exports grew from US$ 7.8 Bn to over US$ 19 Bn. He is also the founder and President of Pakistan Research Society and the Pakistan Advertisers Society of Pakistan. His other professional contributions include Presidency of the Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Management Association of Pakistan, and Marketing Association of Pakistan. He also served as a director on various public and private sector businesses such as Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, Pakistan Petroleum, Reckitt Benckiser, Atlantis Pakistan, Robinsons Foods Bangladesh and Reckitt and Colman Nigeria and Egypt. Some of Mr. Ikram’s groundbreaking innovations include the first ever Retail Audit and ICT Based Field Sales Management process in the FMCG industry in Pakistan, and the very first structured initiative to minimize trade mark infringement. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION He has received countless awards for his services. Mr. Ikram is a recipient of Sitara i Imtiaz (SI). He was also awarded two Gold Medals by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan and the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan. His services were twice recognized by the then President of Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharraf in his book ‘In the Line of fire’. A resident of Karachi and married with three children, Mr. Ikram recently served as the President of the prestigious Textile Institute of Pakistan.