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What Does a Membership Offer?

  • Access to our advisory services (Board Evaluation and Corporate Governance Assessment).
  • Exclusive Rates for our training, conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Participation in various types of courses organized by PICG for its alumni.
  • Invitation to all exclusive member events organized by PICG.
  • Networking opportunities with local and international corporations, through our ever-increasing members and international affiliations.
  • Global Benefits for PICG members to enhance their learning from international directors and colleagues and stay updated on emerging governance trends across the world with Global Network of Directors Institutes (GNDI).
  • Independent Director Databank Access and listing.
  • Boardroom Recruiters are easily accessible for all members of PICG and we provide you with regular updates on available board positions.
  • Frequent Insights with easy access to reports, surveys, and research publications, including our quarterly publication, The Quorum.

Fee Structure

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Individual Member Access

PKR 30,000/per year
PKR 500,000 for lifetime

One Time Application &
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PKR 30,000

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Membership for your Leadership Team

PKR 150,000/per year
PKR 1,750,000 for lifetime

One Time Application &
Admission Fee

PKR 250,000

Discount Available

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Not for Profit

Vital for Not for Profit organizations to stay informed about good Corporate Governance

PKR 100,000/per year

One Time Application &
Admission Fee

PKR 100,000

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