Board Of Directors

Board of Directors
Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Chairperson
Independent Director
Chairperson Pakistan Stock Exchange
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Bawany Independent Director President Ghani Global Group
Mr. Ahsan Iqbal Independent Director CFO Rupali Polyester Limited
Ms. Musarat Jabeen Non Executive Director ED Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Mr. Yousaf Hussain Non Executive Director President & CEO Faysal Bank Limited
Dr. Fakhara Rizwan Non Executive Director Company Secretary and Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs
Pakistan Stock Exchange
Mr. Saleem Ullah Non Executive Director ED & CFO State Bank of Pakistan
Mr. Faisal Akhtar Non Executive Director MD BASF Pakistan
Memosh Khawaja CEO
& Executive Director
President & CEO Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance
Board Audit Committee
Muhammad Ashraf Bawany – Independent Chair
Dr. Fakhara Rizwan
Ahsan Iqbal
Saleem Ullah
Board Human Resource & Remuneration Committee
Musarat Jabeen – Non Executive Chair
Muhammad Ashraf Bawany
Dr. Fakhara Rizwan
Faisal Akhtar
Memosh Khawaja
Board Nomination Committee
Dr. Shamshad Akhtar – Independent Chair
Yousaf Hussain
Musarat Jabeen
Memosh Khawaja
Board Investment Resource Mobilization & Business Development Committee
Yousaf Hussain – Non Executive Chair
Musarat Jabeen
Faisal Akhtar
Saleem Ullah
Memosh Khawaja